Powerful Media with Lasting Impact

At Evergreen Media Productions, we're dedicated to shaping and leading the thought processes of culture through the creation of Christ-honoring, high-quality, long-lasting visual media. People interact with and are influenced by media daily, in every venue imaginable from web videos to feature films. If you have a story to tell, it should be told with excellence. We believe that since every frame, webpage and photograph will far outlive its initial use, every project should be treated with the care due something which will last for generations.

Recent Work



Have an event you need captured for posterity? Need images of your next great product before it hits the market? We are passionate about capturing the moments of life, preserving those fleeting seconds which make memories all the richer.

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Video Production

There are few forms of communication as impactful as video. We work collaboratively with you through every step of the process of the creation of your video to ensure your vision and message are brought to life with excellence and clarity.

Our team is also highly adaptable to a number of film crew positions. We’ve worked in nearly every department imaginable on shorts, features and commercial shoots. Whether you need a strong logistical mind, someone with a technical bent, or just unbridled creativity, we can bring hard work and a passion for excellence to your team!


Motion Graphics

Information, whether it be map data, your film's title, your organization's logo, or the names of people who made your project happen are important. There is no better way to make sure that information sticks with your audience than putting it in motion! We'll work with you to make sure that your information is presented clearly in an engaging and memorable manner, and with a style which matches your brand and project.

Post Production/Visual Effects

Sometimes, you just don't get what you're hoping for on set. The boom op drops the mic into frame. Grip and Electric leaves a stinger on the floor. Blaster power packs just don't fit into the production budget. Hologram projectors didn't ship in time. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We specialize in bringing your vision to the screen, regardless of what you caught in camera! Regardless of your budget or stage of production, we're glad to work with you to find a solution to fit the needs of your project. 

Web Presence Management

The worlds of commerce and ideas are colliding on the internet as they have at no other time in history. More than ever, people are engaging with brands and information on the internet, but with so many platforms available, how does one decide what to use? We help you form a strategy to best utilize these tools, and provide the support of managing your online footprint.

Projects We Have Worked On

We've had the pleasure to work with filmmakers from across the United States and abroad.  Click on the posters below for more information about each film.

The Team

Johnathan Schutz - Evergreen Media Productions

Johnathan Schutz

With a mind toward figuring out the most crazy (he prefers the word "innovative") ways to put images to screen, and an eye for detail, Johnathan is driven by a passion for creating media and shaping the culture. Rather than just creating art for its own sake, his desire is to communicate The Truth as powerfully and clearly as possible.

Timothy Schutz - Evergreen Media Productions

Timothy Schutz

Timothy has had an eye for strong images for as long as any of us in the Schutz family can remember. From the first moment a digital camera was placed in his hands, we knew that a creative force had been unleashed. When you see what he captures for your project, we're pretty sure you'll agree.