Powerful Media with Lasting Impact

At Evergreen Media Productions, we're dedicated to shaping and leading the thought processes of culture through the creation of God-honoring, high-quality, long-lasting visual media. People interact with and are influenced by media daily, in every venue imaginable from web videos to feature films. If you have a story to tell, it should be told with excellence. We believe that since every frame, webpage and photograph will far outlive its initial use, every project should be treated with the care due something which will last for generations.

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Video Production 

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Motion Graphics

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The Team

Johnathan Schutz

Johnathan is the big picture creative guy, constantly thinking of new and crazy (or as we like to put it, "innovative") ways to put images to screen. 

Timothy Schutz

Timothy has had an eye for strong images for as long as any of us in the Schutz family can remember. From the first moment a digital camera was placed in his hands, we knew that a creative force had been unleashed. When you see what he captures for your project, we're pretty sure you'll agree.